Once the dust settled on the Twilight saga and its protagonists (both on and offscreen), producers of consumable media were left reeling with the notion that the supernatural theme could be combined to attract with a younger demographics. While this was true even before Twilight (the book) came along (think of TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Supernatural – which debuted in the same year the first novel came out), the attention to this sub-genre suddenly overrode the Hollywood borders.

MTV decided to reboot another popular saga for the small screen with its remaking of Teen Wolf, originally a vehicle for none other than Michael J. Fox. But soon after, other countries followed with their own ideas: My Daddy is a Vampire; the Philippines, the Canadian web-series Drusilla (one of the few featuring female vampires), Being Human; the U.K., and Lua Vermelha; Portugal. Even an animated movie like Hotel Transylvania can be considered a direct nod to the younger fans of Edward and Bella.

It doesn’t stop at screens, of course. The initial success of the books by Stephenie Meyer determined a new wave of interest in the YA (“Young Adult”) segment of the reading population. While not every single book published after 2005 is about vampires, it is indeed certain that the market for that specific niche has been booming ever since, and continues to perform spectacularly compared to other fields: either in the e-book format or paperback, these are books aimed at 12 to 18-year-olds, often dealing with plots such as unrequited love, bullying, and being accepted by your peers. They are, most importantly, read even by older people – which possibly helps understanding the amount of copies bought worldwide.

Connected to this is the so called fan fiction explosion: this is the fan-activity that has people “rewriting” or “completing” a proper work of fiction when they (meaning the fans) don’t want to part ways with their favorite characters: they are expansions, or re-imaginations of their favourite fictional universes. Famously, the 50 Shades of Grey series began as fan fiction… featuring the Twilight characters!