No women in the history of the planet, can ever forget the moment when they first saw Taylor Lautner’s muscles in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In the first movie he looked like a young ordinary boy, and between Twilight and New Moon, he some how managed to have turned into a sex symbol overnight. What is so surprising about Taylor Lautner’s muscle and growth development is that it was totally unexpected by fans.

Taylor played Jacob Black and was trying to win Bella’s Heart from Rival Edward Cullen. For this role he put on an impressive 30 pounds of pure muscle. Age was certainly on his side, and he was involved in martial arts since a young age. For the role he had to workout with professional trainers at a gym nearly every day during the working week. He also had to consume 3200 calories every single day. He had to be eating constantly in order to build his body, put on muscle mass and become ripped. He pulled it all off as he displays a six pack and abdominal muscles that literally got him voted as one of the sexiest men in all sorts of awards.

His body transformation impressed everyone all over the world. Their internet was exploding with gasping female fans and jealous males. The writers did an excellent job as portraying Jacob as an ordinary guy with long hair in Twilight to a muscular, ripped, sexy hunk of a werewolf in New Moon.

The transformation alone is a reason for fans to watch the movie. From this moment on his career was pretty much set for him, and he gained a following of female fans from all over the world. From his incredible acting,the new love scenes with Kristen and his rock hard abs in New Moon, Taylor Lautner made quite a name for himself.