Instead of having to download Twilight or buy the movie you can simply watch Twilight online. Many Twilight fans will tell you that if you watch Twilight online with your friends you can create a really fun movie evening. Instead of having to worry about getting the movie or even damaging your DVD , rather choose to watch movies online. The great part about this is that many movies can be watched online for free.

Twilight is a great movie to start off with for a movie evening with friends. You could watch it first online, gather friends,snacks and popcorn and have a wonderful night. After you have finished watching Twilight you can movie on to The Twilight Saga:New Moon and you can work your way through the series. You could also have a Twilight saga marathon weekend, where friends get together and watch all the movies over one weekend. You will need a ton of snacks and places to sleep, but it is loads of fun. A weekend sleepover movie marathon may just be what you and your friends need to relax and have some fun.

Watching online with your friends, allows you to watch anything that you want immediately. For sagas and movies like Twilight which has many additions it is a fun way to watch. Instead of having to stack up all the DVD’S when you may end up not watching some of them, you can just stream online immediately. Experience the magic of Bella, Edward and Jacob, once again in your own home.

When it comes to the series, they never get old. None of the characters get old, the plots never get old, and each time is just as exciting as the first time. Watching in a group provides everyone with a chance to discuss, laugh and have fun with it. These movies should be shared with everyone and watched over and over again.