Kristen Steward became one of the most famous celebrities ever since playing the role of Bella Swan in Twilight. The publicity she received was completely overwhelming and crazy.However, when it comes to Kristen Stewart, Instagram fans are very confused about the saga. Although she claimed that she had a social media, her new public Instagram account is thought to be a fake.

During the years she has mentioned many times in interviews that she wouldn’t know what to post on social media, and that she doesn’t have public accounts not even on Instagram. Most people find this particularly strange especially for such a well known celebrity like Kirsten. Already checked out her Instagram and the Twilight movies and still want some online entertainment? Check out the comprehensive slot guide at

In terms of Kristen Stewart Instagram she has told tabloids that she only has a private account that she uses to interact with her friends. This means that many of the other Instagram accounts which have been associated with her name may have been created by fans or fakes. The other times when we may have seen her on Instagram could only have been when other people have posted about her. In terms of her real life relationship with fellow actor Robert Pattinson during those times, she may have been seen on Instagram only if Robert himself posted the pictures.

This all brings us to the truth of Kristen Stewart Instagram today. She publicly declared that she is “gay” and she is in a relationship at this current point in time with The Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell. She may not be seen on her own Instagram account, but her girlfriend has a very active and public Instagram account. Therefore she can be seen via Stella’s Instagram account. The world has watched her relationships both onscreen and off screen and everyone has been surprised at the twist and turns in her love life.